Personality Disorder

Defense Department Wrongfully Discharges Nearly 26,000 Veterans, Refuses to Release Records

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Adjustment Disorder

DoD is at it again/Disposable Soldiers

How the VA Abandons Our Vets

Class Action Filed Challenging Governments Mistreatment of Returning Veterans Suffering From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Personality Disorder: A Deliberate Misdiagnosis To Avoid Veterans Health Care Costs!


Request Correction of Military Record

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This is the military’s ‘New Way’ to discard those with PTSD so that they, the military doesn’t have to pay you a pension or the VA doesn’t have to treat you for PTSD and compensation.
What ever you do, do not let them talk you into taking a discharge for PD.

Adverse Admin Separations

Administrative Separations

Chapter 14: A misconduct discharge!

Help For My Life

Other Designated Physical and Mental Conditions

Many soldiers get boot for ‘pre-existing’ mental illness


Military Leadership Disorder

MPA/MPP Challenge: The Battle on the Home Front Video

Questionable Treatment for Some Iraq Heroes

22,000 Returning Vets Discharged With Personality Disorder

PD Fact Sheet

PTSD and Personality Disorders: Challenges for the VA

PTSD Lawyers for Veterans

Personality Disorders/Mayo Clinic

Regulation 27

Regulation 28

Standards of Medical Fitness


Suicide Helplines

This report is from the Navy and I think it is a CYA..’Cover Your Ass’ report

US Navy Study On PD

Veterans Law Project

This Yahoo Group is for all family members of veterans and the now serving to find information on PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and ANY OTHER PROBLEMS our Military face.
Questions on VA benefits or ANY OTHER MILITARY MATTERS.