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Parkinson Disease

Contact your Congress people to support this bill on Parkinson's

This page is linked from AO info and Korea page.

Recieved this from Steve...not me but the one below.


Let me introduce myself. I am Steve Fiscus a Vietnam Veteran. I severed with the United States Marine Corp at the Chu Lai Air base with the 1st Marine Air Wing, MAG-13, MABS-13. We were all exposed to Agent Orange during our tour of duty there. I found out in 2000 that I have Parkinson Disease. I filed a claim in 2001 and was naturally turn down, because it was not recognized as being cause by Agent Orange.

Within the last year or two, there have been two cases won in favor of the Veteran that the Veterans Parkinson Disease was caused by Agent Orange and/or other chemicals. The government says these are individual cases and they have nothing to do with other cases out there. I feel if we fight this as a group we will have much more power to get the government to recognize Agent Orange can cause Parkinson Disease.

What I am asking today is that you get the word out to as many people as can and give them this information. If they feel that they want to get on board with this battle feel free to give them my Email or phone number.

I am sending a long some attachments of the rulings and some very interesting research results. Thank you for your help. Together we will win this battle.

Semper Fi,


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