Military Sexual Trauma

Military Sexual Trauma (MST) A Disgrace and Growing Problem

MST or military sexual trauma…this is only my opinion, take it for what it is worth.
The DoD and DVA deny that this is a problem, but it is very much a big problem. Most likely half of the suicides relate to MST, but to get DoD and DVA to admit this will not happen.
If you have experienced MST then you know what I am will be with you the rest of your life and may be worse than Combat PTSD which you will have but to a greater degree.
Now DoD and DVA will say that it is only anxiety, depression or Personally Disorder in order to cover this up.
If you have been diagnosed with the last three after 6 months and the Military wants to get rid of you, then that is what will be on your discharge….this is BS…your first two weeks in basic training will detect those three. This is a way for the military to get rid of you and not have to compensate you.
In my opinion the victim should be transferred to a safer environment and those involved should be court martial an given a dishonorable discharge.

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