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Testimonial Page To Irish aka Jackpot 29


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The next two links are audios of Irish,,,Jackpot 29 last interview with her good friend Carlo....large files

Irish On Her Life Stuggles 1

Irish On Her Lifes Struggles 2


I have dedicated this photo to all Vietnam Veterans who have served in honor, in respect for all the work Captain Irish Bresnahan devoted her life for, "Vietnam Veterans"

Today, March 11, 2010, one year after your passing, we honor you as you have honored everyone you have touched.
You have been the inspiration, the hope, the courage, for so many.
Touching all of us in a way that will forever be alive in all of us.

You brought us tears, you brought us laughs, 
most of all you brought us all what you believed in.

Caring for our Veterans, you bought us you.

Your work lives in all of us, that can never die.



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