Stories of Wars Past and Present

Fellow Americans, these are real life stories from those that have been there done that in the ‘Sand Box’  and Afganistan also Vietnam or any other true story you would like to share about your military experience.
I do not want names, units or places these events took place…all I want is what took place, and do not try to fool me with it ….so if I feel your story is a bunch of bullshit, I will not put it here. If you have a story and want it here then send it to me, my contact info is at the bottom of this.
These stories will be put  in PDF format so you will need Adobe Reader.

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Now this may be a good place to get all those pent up emotions out, whatever you do, do not let them build as it will cause problems for you, your family, loved ones and friends. The best way to deal with PTSD is to talk about it and so here is an outlet..say what is on your mind.

Steve aka snakecharmer