Homeless Veterans

A homeless Female Veteran has been denied shelter at the Los Angeles VA because she essentially did not answer the right questions. As a result, she was ordered off the VA premises (Veterans property) and forced to live on the public sidewalk outside the VA.

The above story is a disgrace and shows how much the DVA cares for its veterans. This is just one of many cases that happen across the nation.
No wonder there are so many suicides among veterans. This absolutely has to change, and change NOW.
Shame on the DVA for letting this happen.

Female Veteran Homelessness Nearly Doubles Since 2006

 Watch the below videos to the end to learn of the Vietnam Veterans plight and the shame of the DVA system.
Still those that were in ‘Nam suffer and the DVA ignores this problem what we know as PTSD.
Now comes along the new vets of the Gulf and Afgan wars with the same problems that ‘Nam vets went though and yet the DVA still denies.
Suicides are way up but you will never know the true figure as it is an embarrassment to DoD and the DVA.
How can the USA send off their youngest people to fight a war and then not take care of them when they return with problems caused by that war.
The DoD has found a new way to deny PTSD, they call it PERSONALITY DISORDER or Adjustment Disorder, and yet if the person has any of the above, it will be found out in basic training, not after years of combat. Just another way to not pay you what you earned in the fight for freedom and against terrorism.
Shame on DoD, DVA, and America for letting this go on.