Blackjack Poker and Card Counting Can’t be Separated in Gambling Online

Blackjack Poker and Card Counting Can’t be Separated in Gambling Online

When you play Blackjack of poker online, you might be curious about where card counting came from and how to do it. Card counting and Blackjack Poker can’t be separated each other because when you play 21, you need to apply the method of card counting so you can win by guessing the next card to appear and calculation the chance of winning. When you can apply the method easily in gambling online, back then the legend Ken Uston had to it slowly and carefully because if he was caught by the security, it would be the end of his career in casino at that time forever.

Use Card Counting Whenever You Play 21 in Gambling Online Like Ken Uston

Unlike now, gambling in the past was so difficult and you are lucky to live in this modern era because poker online site can be found easily and you can gamble like a pro though you are still beginner. Blackjack Poker is one of the popular games in online poker but it is thanks to Ken Uston and also Al Francesco that made this game so challenging and also fun using card counting. Back then, those 2 formed a card counting team to win Blackjack Poker more and more in different casinos throughout Las Vegas.

Back then, casinos were absolutely aware about card counters but they just looked for the individual and they had no idea that there was a team too. The card counting team had the strategy but it was so simple. One player would be known as “play caller” and he would play in low stakes on the table and counted the cards. Meanwhile, Uston took the role as “big player” who received the signal to sit right on the same table for betting in big stake. By working in a group which was spread out to the multiple Blackjack Poker, they would be safe.

The casino security, personnel along with the pit bosses would not realize it at all and catch the scheme of card counting in Blackjack Poker. This strategy helped them so much to win big though they just placed the bet around $100 to $1000 each hand. However, Uston and also Francesco could make money about $60,000 everyday using the card counting method. The only challenge for them was not to get caught at all. In order not to draw the attention, those 2 visited different casinos and alternated them on the regular basis.

Also, Ken Uston disguised himself so the casinos would not realize him at all. He had in the plain sight and disguised as the high roller who came to the casino in Vegas only on weekends to spend money and place the big bet. Uston did the adventures from one casino to another every weekend to beat the Blackjack Poker and he loved the high roller lifestyle. When you want to apply the similar thing, you just need to use link alternatif dewapoker which is safer and also easy.