Resources for Veterans in Pain and Their Families

Atomic Veterans Information

Military Sites on the EPA Superfund List

A Memorial Page to Capt. Agnes “Irish” Bresnahan

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Camp Lejune Water Study

New Info On Parkinson Disease, Go To Agent Orange Page

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I have started a Yahoo group for information only on vet issues….no bs or poltical discussions..just vet info



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Stories of Wars Past and Present

Military Video Site

I started this site with the hopes of helping as many veterans, wives, and family members, to find information on the problems of PTSD, Agent Orange, Diabetes, the Gulf War Syndrome and other problems that face us each day. So if you can’t find it here and have a question, please ask and we will try to find an answer or put you in the right direction.
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War is hell on all, not just the veteran.
I hope that you can find what you are looking for to help you.
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To all Veterans, whether you be ‘Nam, Korea, Gulf, or Afghanistan, you need to have a yearly physical and CAT SCAN, demand it, but be nice. You were exposed to much more chemicals than the VA will admit to.